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Sylka Works for Designers

Sylka works for designers to help them bring their creations and ideas to life.  From a complete Autocad drawing to a scribble on a napkin, we can tranform your ideas to a manufactured product.

Sylka can build furniture for your design of restaurants, hotels, multifamily buildings, condos and libraries.  We will deliver high quality products that will meet your specifications while respecting your customer's budget.  

Sylka advantage is that we are a manufacturer, not a distributor.  All our furniture is build in Canada with high quality materials that you are used to work with.  Transport is just a few days away ensuring that your deadlines are respected. You are working directly with the professionals & woodworkers that will create your wood or laminate product.   We have hundreds of option of finishing and laminate textures that will suits your needs.

Let us build your furniture ideas and bring them to life !

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Toll Free : 1 877 990-8254


We manufacture any style of hardwood dining chairs and hardwood dining tables, table slides, kitchen chairs

Sylka employs the finest North-American hardwood species available such as: Red oak, Hard maple, Cherry, Birch, Soft Maple, Walnut, Ash, Mahogany

All our chairs are guaranteed to be: Square, Level, No open joints, No residual glue, No machine or sanding marks