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What is the guarantee on your furniture?

Our furniture is build to last for several generations.  Sylka limited warranty period of one year begins at the time of receipt of the furniture.  If a manufacturing defect is discovered during this time, it is important that you promptly notify Sylka by E-Mail at or by phone at 877 990-8254.


Sylka will then, at their sole discretion, repair or replace any piece or part found by Sylka to be defective in material or workmanship.  Modifications done by the consumer or other parties will void this warranty.  In addition, damage from misuse, neglect, incorrect maintenance or abuse is not covered under the warranty.


Why is there a minimum quantity on some products?

Many chairs & barstools that we built are based on manufacturer’s specifications and are made exclusively for them.  Sylka styles of chairs are stock item that requires no minimum orders. 


How will my furniture sent to me?

-For our chairs/barstools with no minimum: we will send 2 chairs/barstools knocked down (in parts) or semi-assembled (back and front legs assembled) per box thru a common carrier.

-For orders of 25 chairs and more: we will send our furniture on skids thru a transport company.  For more details: contact us by phone at: 877 990-8254 or by E-mail at


Is my transaction secure?

For transactions, we are using the most secure system thru PayPal.  No transaction record will be kept in our files. 


Where are the furniture manufactured?

All furniture is manufactured in our facilities in Quebec, Canada.


Can I get more upholstery fabrics?

We are offering basic upholstery options that are the most popular.  There is an unlimited variety of fabric that can meet your needs.  We cannot meet all your expectations for fabrics.  That’s why we are offering you a seat & foam models that you can have upholstered with your choice of fabric by a local upholsterer. 


Can I get my furniture stained?

Yes.  Send us a sample of your stain and we will match it.  We are not responsible for the differences in color between your sample and our furniture. 


What is your lead time?

Our regular lead time is two weeks.  Shipments take place on Friday.


We manufacture any style of hardwood dining chairs and hardwood dining tables, table slides, kitchen chairs

Sylka employs the finest North-American hardwood species available such as: Red oak, Hard maple, Cherry, Birch, Soft Maple, Walnut, Ash, Mahogany

All our chairs are guaranteed to be: Square, Level, No open joints, No residual glue, No machine or sanding marks