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601B - Chair Bending - Wooden components

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Hardwood Species

Red oak, Hard maple, Soft maple, Cherry, Birch and Ash.


We can make an infinite variety of dimensions and styles of bendings either rough or ready to be used based on your specifications.

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601B - Chair Bending - Wooden components



We will make your bending based on your specifications

We can manufacture a vast variety of bending radius and dimensions based on your specifications.  We can supply your bendings: rough, sanded or fully machined based on your needs.


Wood Selection

We select our wood to guarantee that our customers have the flexibility to finish the highest number of bendings in natural or light color.

Quality and the environment

Sylka's way to help the environment is to build high quality wooden parts that will last for several generations.  The strength of our parts will outlast the time it took the tree to grow.

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We manufacture any style of hardwood dining chairs and hardwood dining tables, table slides, kitchen chairs

Sylka employs the finest North-American hardwood species available such as: Red oak, Hard maple, Cherry, Birch, Soft Maple, Walnut, Ash, Mahogany

All our chairs are guaranteed to be: Square, Level, No open joints, No residual glue, No machine or sanding marks