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Edge glued panels

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Edge Glued Panels

Our equipment pool which is at the leading edge of technology allows us to produce edge glued panels that will comply adequately to your specifications on dimension, quality and sanding. We produce panels for manufacturers of pieces of furniture and other sectors.


Our wood supply is mostly from the eastern part of North-America and is coming directly from several sawing mills.  Selection is based on our customers specifications. 

Our Capacity.....

Length: Maximum 115¨

Width: Maximum: 60¨

Thickness: From 3/8¨ to 1 5/8¨

Sanding: From 80 to 150 grit

Wood Species


wood species

    Yellow birch      Hard Maple         Soft Maple           Red Oak              Cherry


Give us a call to get a quote at toll free: 877 990-8254 or E-Mail us at

Toll Free : 1 877 990-8254


We manufacture any style of hardwood dining chairs and hardwood dining tables, table slides, kitchen chairs

Sylka employs the finest North-American hardwood species available such as: Red oak, Hard maple, Cherry, Birch, Soft Maple, Walnut, Ash, Mahogany

All our chairs are guaranteed to be: Square, Level, No open joints, No residual glue, No machine or sanding marks